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Subject Matter Experts

Spektrum clients rely on us to support their existing known requirements, and future requirements yet to be revealed by their customers.

This is achieved by Spektrum’s network of industry leading experts in a wide range of disciplines.   We are always search for new SME’s to widen and deepen our network. 

If you are the best in your field, and would like to join the Spektrum SME network - please contact us to obtain more information.


Spektrum works to sustain a creative workforce and encourages a healthy work-life balance. We give our team members the opportunity to work from a place that suits them, while staying fully engrossed in our team culture and atmosphere.

To remain effective, driven and successful in your role, we believe you should have fun while helping clients achieve their goals. order. You’ll do what you’re great at in an environment that makes you feel appreciated and valued.

We want to create an environment that both supports individual growth and improves the entire industry.

Job Opportunities